About Acharya Rigzin
Founder of Monastery

Acharya Rigzin was born in 12/2/1989, at Himalaya Village called Thaley. Its near Langtang Range and when he was 10 years old he become monk in Royal White Monastery, Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal in 1999 After that he did his monastery level study till 2006 and in 2007 he requested to his master to give permission to study in Shreda for higher Buddhist Studies and then master send him to study in Rumtek Karma Shri Nalanda Institute in 2007. And now he is doing graduation on Buddhism philosophy and after 1 years he will complete his master Degree. Acharya Rigzin's Vision

Although all the people in Himalaya region of Nepal are Buddhist yet due to lack of Dharma Gurus and teachers giving Dharma teaching and spiritual guide lines to the people in the region most of the people are ignorant about the basic teaching of Buddha and lack the practice of Buddha Dharma. Therefore, he is trying to build a small monastery, prayer hall for Dharma practicenor at Himalaya village Thaley 9, Simpalkabrey Sindhualchok, Nepal.

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